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About Excel Herbal

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Excel Herbal Logo

Excel herbal  is a rising company which will provide natural herbal product of daily needs  excel  entered the competitive world of business 31st January 2011 at district Mandi  Himachal Pradesh . The founder of this company  Mr. R.L sankhyan  and  Managing director  Mrs Parveen sankhyan  it mainly concern is to provided opportunity to the literate unemployed youth and  mass  of this country to fulfill their dreams .

Our Story

Excel group is one of the emerging private organization in Himachal Pradesh. This company was established impart necessary skills by providing conducive environment for for development of youth. spending over eight years the company is covering many milestone year after year incorporating all modern Mechanism of businesses . Before jumping into this business our goal was very much clear 1st to make an effort to nurture young men and women who are somewhere disappointed because of their financial condition and their family problems .We try our best to keep them motivated as we have very competent and dedicated core faculty team. Their experience and excellent experience are actively involved in molding the minds of budding managers. Second we focus more on herbal products because nature of things stays forever number of products are being produced to provide benefit to all our customers. I believe all we need is a little imagination and willing Ness to work hard at converting imagination intosuccess your background is immaterial the father of advertising David Ogilby scratched around as an apprentice chef and door-to-door salesman before you enter advertising so don’t worry about skills . skills can be learnt instead developed and articulate your imagination which is your unique way of looking at the world that is your biggest gift. it is exciting journey and I look forward to your support in our initiative to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.




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